Fallout 4: Lucy-themed mods are multiplying

Lucy-themed mods for Fallout 4 are multiplying, another sign of the success of the Prime Video TV series.

If you are looking for another sign of the success of Prime Video’s Fallout TV series, just take a look at Nexus Mods, where themed mods are multiplying, dedicated in particular to the protagonist Lucy.

They are coming out for practically all the moddable chapters, but the majority are concentrated on Fallout 4, which after all is the second most modded game ever (after Skyrim, also by Bethesda).

Some mods

Lucy is already well-loved by Fallout fans
Lucy is already well-loved by Fallout fans

Let’s give some examples. Let’s start with the ” Lucy ” mod by LoneWanderer1987 which transforms the protagonist of the series into a traveling companion. The modder explained that to model it she simply used the presets from the vanilla (without mods) version of the game. After installing her, you will find Lucy outside Vault 81.

Anyone wishing to play Lucy should instead download the ” Lucy MacLean – Ella Purnell Face Preset ” mod by Mr Swagtastic, created using photos of the actress as reference.

Are you interested in putting Lucy in place of the Fallout 4 icon? To do this, just install the ” Lucy okey dokey Icon ” mod by BlackBar0n. In the links of the mod you will find the alternative colors of the icon.

Are you interested in an alternative version of Lucy? Try “ Vault Girl Recreations – Lucy MacLean from the Fallout TV Show ” by VaultGirl2077 or “ Viper’s Lucy preset ” by Viper.

Do you want your character to wear Lucy’s backpack? Then download ” Lucy’s Vault-Tec Backpack ” by QwibQwib.

Finally, do you want to replace some sound effects from the game with others from the series? Go no further and download “ Lucy MacLean Sound Effect Replacer ” by Chibako.

To install the mods, refer to the instructions provided by the modders.