If you are about to start playing Diablo 4 , perhaps thanks to its recent introduction in the PC and Xbox Game Pass catalogue, it is likely that you are still undecided about which class to select for your first character. In this regard, we have some advice that may be useful to you.


The Necromancer is without a doubt one of the most particular classes in Diablo 4, as it allows players to fight with a small army of undead in tow .Between skeleton warriors, golems and other creatures, it is possible to have quite a few creatures from beyond the grave to help who can attract the attention of enemies while perhaps sending them a blood projectile or a bone arrow. In addition to being able to sacrifice his helpers for a stat boost, the Necromancer is also able to explode the corpses of massacred enemies, generating chaos on the screen.


Probably the most appreciated by Diablo 4 players, the Cutthroat is a really fun character to use. This lethal assassin can take to the field with bows/crossbows or blades for ranged combat, not to mention the ability to move nimbly around the battlefield thanks to a wide range of movement abilities .The Cutthroat can also set traps, poison enemies, and take advantage of gameplay mechanics that allow him to dramatically increase his attack speed, so much so that it feels like the game is running at double the standard speed.


Despite being a very fragile class , the Enchantress is widely used by Diablo 4 players. The reason is due to a range of skills that ranges from powerful area attacks such as the fall of meteorites to other defensive ones, which allow you to increase the defense of the character and his allies.It takes a little work to create an effective build, but we assure you that a good Spellcaster can knock out an endgame boss with disarming ease. Given the Enchantress’s poor defensive power, we recommend this class especially to those who play in co-op and can stay in the back while their companions act as a shield, perhaps with a good Barbarian or a Druid.


Don’t be fooled by the apparent weakness of the Diablo 4 Barbarian in the early stages of the game, as it is a really strong class and perfect for those who are approaching the series for the first time .The Barbarian is a type of warrior designed to throw himself into the fray, so as to load his primary resource with blows and execute his most powerful techniques, which can put even the toughest enemies in the endgame in serious difficulty.


Just like the Barbarian, the Druid is a class that requires a lot of patience, but which knows how to reward Diablo 4 players who choose it.Once you reach the endgame, this warrior capable of transforming into ferocious beasts can get his hands on legendary equipment whose specialties allow the creation of some of the strongest builds available in the game.

In conclusion, there really isn’t one class that’s stronger than the others and it’s all about what your preferences are. As regards the effectiveness of each class, Diablo 4 is a continuously updated game and each time changes are introduced that upset the balance in a more or less consistent way: in short, chasing the class with the highest DPS is useless and very Better to use a character that is fun to play.