Destiny 2: The Ultimate Forme is available worldwide


Bungie has announced the worldwide availability of Destiny 2: The Ultimate Forme, the new expansion of its live service.

Bungie announced that it has finally released Destiny 2: The Ultimate Forme worldwide . This is the new expansion of its live service, which has now been active on the market for about ten years. It is also the last chapter of the “Light and Darkness saga” , in which the guardians will have to face the threat of oblivion represented by their archenemy, the Witness, in order to put an end to the war between Light and Darkness.

The Guardians will then have to participate in an epic battle to stop the Witness and his crazy plans, reaching the interior of the Traveler and visiting a new location, the Pale Heart , where they will be joined by the Vanguard for the final battle.

Other contents

With The Ultimate Form, players will receive new powers, starting with the Prismatic subclass , which has the power to combine the elements of Arc, Solar, Void, Stasis, and Darkweb with unique results. After dealing a certain amount of damage with Light and Darkness, players will be able to take advantage of Transcendence, which will grant them new grenades with Light and Dark damage, bonuses to weapon damage and so on.

Destiny 2: The Ultimate Forme is Trailer

After The Ultimate Form and the battle with the Witness, the first episode, called Echoes , will arrive on June 11th. This is the first of three independent episodes available in the year of the Ultimate Form, which will see Guardians engaged in new post-battle missions with the Witness.

Additionally, a few days after the expansion’s launch on June 7, Bungie will make available a new raid, “Edge of Salvation . ” As always, it will be content designed for groups of six very skilled guardians, and therefore very challenging. It will also be linked to a competition played globally, which will reward the first to complete it with an exclusive belt. If you don’t remember Destiny’s story, you can refresh yourself by watching this ten-hour video .

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