Destiny 2: launch date of the Raid announced

Bungie has indicated the launch date of the Incursion of the expansion The Ultimate Form of Destiny 2, here’s when you can face it.

Through the official Bungie website, the developers have revealed the release date of the Incursion , or “raid” for friends, of the Ultimate Forme expansion of Destiny 2 . It will be possible to face it starting from 7 pm Italian time on 7 June .

We are talking about only three days after the launch of the expansion, set for June 4th, so players who want to tackle it as soon as possible will have very little time to complete the campaign, equip themselves properly and familiarize themselves with the new Prismatic subclasses. As usual, when the raid is unlocked, there will be the classic race between the most skilled teams for the first world completion.

For the moment, Bungie has not shared any details on the Incursion of The Ultimate Forma, but since it is the expansion that will conclude the narrative that began in 2014, it is reasonable to expect an epic and certainly challenging final battle.

Destiny 2 The Ultimate Form 3

For those who don’t know them, Destiny 2’s Raids are the most challenging end-game activity in Bungie’s MMO. Six players can take part, who require great communication skills, coordination and teamwork to overcome the complex mechanics of the various challenges and defeat the final boss. Usually the proposed tests are also quite bizarre, which is one of the reasons why the competitions between teams for the first completion at world level are so fascinating to follow live for a segment of players.

Clearly the new Incursion is not the only news coming with the expansion, which include among other things a new campaign, prismatic subclasses and new enemy types, presented with the latest gameplay trailer . If you want to know more, we refer you to our special with all the news on Destiny 2: The Ultimate Forme .