Baldur’s Gate 3: foxy_kan’s Shadowheart cosplay hits the mark

Baldur's Gate 3: foxy_kan's Shadowheart cosplay hits the mark

Baldur’s Gate 3: foxy_kan’s Shadowheart cosplay hits the mark

Let’s go back to talking about Baldur’s Gate 3, the beloved RPG created by Larian Studios, thanks to a new Shadowheart cosplay created by foxy_kan.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has established itself as one of the best (and the best overall for many) games released last year on PC and consoles. The Larian Studios title demonstrated a very solid system, an extremely well-curated story and also a cast of well-characterized characters. Among these there is also Shadowheart , protagonist of the cosplay created by foxy_kan .

Shadowheart is a cleric devoted to Shar, the deity who rules darkness and mysteries. Her mission is to transport a highly valuable artifact to her sect in Baldur’s Gate. In the game, Shadowheart is one of the Origin characters, that is, one of those that the player can choose to impersonate if he doesn’t want to invent his own hero. Alternatively, she can become a companion to be enlisted during the story and a potential love interest of the protagonist, with her side missions that will test this character’s beliefs and lead to an important turning point.

An elegant and simple cosplay

foxy_kan offers us a Shadowheart cosplay dressed in an elegant long white dress with golden accessories, while relaxing while enjoying a glass of red wine. A simple cosplay in idea, but undoubtedly excellent in execution, as we can see in the shot below.

Baldur’s Gate 3: foxy_kan’s Shadowheart cosplay hits the mark

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