A Witcher is forever! Almost ten years have passed since Geralt found Ciri again, yet there are still many good reasons to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of The Witcher 3 and relive the adventures of the iconic hunter of marauders, abominations of the night, vampires and ghosts.

A timeless story

Among the many reasons that should push you to rediscover The Witcher 3 or immerse yourself in its fantasy world for the first time we undoubtedly find the main campaign. The narrative plot drawn up by the authors of CD Projekt weaves a dense web of memorable events, with charismatic characters and incredibly deep dialogues .

Parallel and complementary to the missions of the so-called Main Quest we then find a galaxy of secondary activities that embrace the open world to erect an unforgettable recreational, narrative and content framework, with engaging subplots that are influenced by the choices made by the players.

Graphics that are still extremely current

Thanks also to the advent of the Next-Gen Update of The Witcher 3 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series visual like the most recent productions.

The richness of detail of the settings and the care placed by the Polish developers in the characterization of every single scenic element that is transposed onto the screen are there to testify to the incredible work carried out by CD Projekt. And this, not to mention the infinite possibilities offered on PC by the modder scene.

A ‘monstrously’ engaging open world

The Northern Kingdoms that form the backdrop to the exploits carried out by the Witcher are one of the most iconic and representative settings in the entire history of video games . Between lush forests, war-torn villages, majestic mountains and swamps teeming with monsters, the open world of The Witcher 3 is a magnificent interactive canvas to paint as you follow Geralt’s path.

The incredible immersion returned by Wild Hunt’s open world settings is enhanced by the overwhelming amount of treasures to discover, objects to interact with, missions to complete and mysteries to unravel by following the clues collected by the Witcher or interacting with the infinite NPCs. An example in this sense is offered to us by the CDPR team itself, inviting us to discover the countless Easter eggs of The Witcher 3 .

A gameplay with a thousand nuances

Summarizing in a few lines what The Witcher 3 has to offer on an exquisitely playful level is impossible: the ramifications of the interactive scaffolding erected by the Polish developers are not limited to offering us an engaging combat system , but have a profound impact on the progression of the experience itself role-playing to experience together with Geralt.

The rewards returned from the clashes of The Witcher 3 based on the use of the two swords (and the Witcher’s abilities) add to the ‘strategic fun’ offered by the construction of your own build. The complex crafting and alchemy system then contributes to making the gaming experience even more immersive, encouraging users to continue the adventure to unlock more and more weapons, special objects, abilities and mutagens. The ‘Gwent factor’ then forcefully enters the equation, a card game so deep and fun that it pushed CD Projekt to create more than one stand-alone version to meet the community’s requests.

Huge DLC and tons of free mods

If the hundreds of potential hours to spend in the open world dimension of the ‘basic version’ of The Witcher 3 were not enough, the most avid fans of Geralt of Rivia can always broaden the virtual horizons of their alter-ego with the enormous expansions Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine . In fact, each DLC adds new settings, hundreds of original missions, unique equipment and much more.

The lively community that animates the modder scene then guarantees simply infinite replayability , with many other personalized contents that unofficially connect to the Witcher’s path to extend its playful perimeter in the most disparate directions. In this regard, we invite you to read this in-depth study on the best The Witcher 3 mods to download for free .

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