XDefiant at 7.6 million players, great success for the Ubisoft shooter

XDefiant at 7.6 million players, great success for the Ubisoft shooter

According to the latest data, it seems that XDefiant has totaled 7.6 million players and should reach 8 million by today: a great success for the Ubisoft shooter.

XDefiant has reached 7.6 million players , according to the data that the well-known leaker Tom Henderson has been able to view, and it seems that the 8 million milestone could be surpassed today.

This is an excellent result for the free-to-play shooter produced by Ubisoft, available for a few days on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series

According to Henderson, the French company’s objectives were to reach 5 million players within the first month, but it seems that they were easily exceeded and that the project started with a bang.

An excellent start

It seems that XDefiant achieved great numbers already at launch , with over a million unique players within a few hours of its debut , so the title was actually received with great enthusiasm and it was reasonable to expect growth.

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However, since this is a live service that has just started, it is clear that along the way improvements will be made and extra content introduced , both in terms of factions and modes.

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