With 8 million copies sold and hundreds of thousands of gamers simultaneously active on PC and PS5 at all hours of the day, Helldivers 2 is undoubtedly the biggest phenomenon of this early 2024. Yet, it seems that in the collective imagination it is not yet managed to earn a place in the pantheon of great PlayStation IPs.

The discussion was born on X.com, when a player posted an artwork in which the greatest PlayStation exclusives are shown on one side and the most famous Nintendo IPs on the other. On the blue side, that of Sony, characters such as Kratos, Ellie, Aloy, Spider-Man, Nathan Drake and Ratchet & Clank appear, but not the soldiers of Helldivers 2 , who are so crazy on the online battlefields of PlayStation 5 and PC .

How come? One player pointed out that, despite the success of this second chapter, the Helldivers franchise has not yet managed to carve out a permanent place in the pantheon of great PlayStation IPs , although he believes that this could happen in the future. This statement was agreed upon by Johan Pilestedt , CEO of Arrowhead Studios and Game Director of Helldivers 2, who on the one hand admitted that his game has not yet managed to earn this label, on the other hand he confessed that the prospect it excites him greatly. “I agree with you ,” Pilestedt wrote in response to the user above. “It’s incredible that it can happen in the future… it’s like… like a childhood dream comes true . 

What do you think, will Helldivers manage to carve out a space for itself alongside big names like Uncharted, God of War, The Last of Us, Horizon, Spider-Man and Ratchet & Clank? The foundations are certainly there, now the ball is in the general public’s court.