In DF’s long examination with the unofficial confirmation of the leaks on the PS5 PRO specifications , the well-known collective of ‘techno-game journalists’ addressed an issue debated by many enthusiasts who are eagerly looking forward to the launch of Sony’s mid-gen console and the the release of titles such as Grand Theft Auto 6.

The discussion started by DF Technology Editor Richard Leadbetter with his colleagues and collaborators starts from the confirmation of the technical specifications of the PS5 PRO by their anonymous sources, and then extends to the potential performance and graphic benefits of the increasingly rumored mid-gen model of PlayStation 5, especially with regards to the use of triple A titles.

According to what Leadbetter claimed, the “conservative choice” that he said was made by Sony’s designers in the clock of the GPU and, above all, the CPU of the PS5 PRO should not offer sufficient margin for maneuver for a GTA graphics preset 6 at 60fps . It is the Digital Foundry exponent himself who reiterates this by explaining that “if the leaked specifications are correct, the limited increase in CPU clock will not be enough to guarantee 60fps in those video games that are currently developed on consoles with a 30fps target. There are several people who look at PS5 PRO as the ‘perfect machine for playing GTA 6 at 60fps’, then there are those who believe that Rockstar are magicians in dealing with the limitations of CPUs on consoles but these are conjectures and suggestions, all this will not happen, PS5 PRO will not be a ‘game changer’ from this point of view” .

Regardless of Leadbetter’s considerations on the increase in framerate in triple-A games on PS5 PRO, the graphics of GTA 6 on ‘base’ PS5 and Xbox Series many experts and industry workers arrived, focusing on the individual graphic elements that emerge from the film that showed the next chapter of Grand Theft Auto to the world for the first time.