If Tekken 3 has become one of the most loved and best-selling fighting games of all time, much of the credit also goes to its cast of unforgettable characters, charismatic and tacky enough to not go unnoticed at all. But if we had to name who is the coolest of all, perhaps that record would go to him: Eddy Gordo .

The Brazilian fighter who is an expert in Capoeira made his debut in the Namco series (now Bandai Namco ) in the third episode, presenting himself as one of the most intriguing innovations of the whole game: in addition to an extremely captivating look, Eddy won the attention of the public with his its hypnotic movements and a fresh and original move set, very different from what Tekken had offered up to that point. The developers performed a real technical prodigy to animate such a complex character for the three-dimensional standards of the time, further proof of how extremely cutting-edge Tekken 3 was at the time of its release first in the arcade and subsequently on the first PlayStation .

Eddy was also among the most immediate fighters to use considering not only his wide range of moves but also the possibility of performing combos and effective attacks without too much effort: all these characteristics have therefore made the Capoeira master one of the most used and loved characters by Tekken fans, thus making it a point of reference in subsequent games (thanks also to the introduction of the female “alternative version” Christie Monteiro ). In this regard, Eddy Gordo made his debut in Tekken 8 as the first DLC character, to the delight of his fans worried about his exclusion from the launch roster.

But the historic Tekken 3 was still full of unforgettable characters: Jin , Paul , Law , King , Nina , Hwoarang and many others, which was your favorite? Meanwhile, if you haven’t played it yet, our review of Tekken 8 explains why the latest episode of the series is also absolutely unmissable.