Okay, the launch of GTA 6 could be the biggest event in the history of video games , but the call of the Red Dead Redemption Frontier is still strong , proof of this is the many fans who continue to flock to social media and question forums undaunted about the future of Rockstar’s western series.

The epochal event that awaits the digital entertainment industry with the marketing of the next chapter of Grand Theft Auto, consequently, cannot and must not preclude the dreams of those who, rightly, look forward to ‘riding into the sunset’ to experience a new, extraordinary adventure in the interactive universe of Red Dead .

Taking inspiration from the strategies implemented by Rockstar Games, and taking into account the major changes that have occurred in the industry in recent years, let’s therefore try to hypothesize the launch window of Red Dead Redemption 3 .

Any discussion regarding the marketing of RDR3, obviously, cannot ignore the considerations on the enormous budget that should be allocated by Take-Two to realize the creative vision of an immense and epic western adventure. With its 240 million dollars, on the other hand, Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most expensive video games ever to develop , and this without taking into account the expenses incurred by the Big R communication machine for marketing.

Considering the enormous economic effort made by Take-Two to develop GTA 6, money would seem to be the main factor to consider in the evaluations of the launch window of Red Dead Redemption 3. The development of the western adventure starring Arthur Morgan, moreover , took a good eight years before seeing the light of the shops , and this is another ‘hot topic’ to consider if we think that, based on the report drawn up by the CMA in 2023, the development of a modern triple A may require even 1 billion dollars .

Even taking into account Take-Two’s extraordinary ‘firepower’ between development teams, experience in creating very high budget titles and multi-year investment capacity, we are unlikely to see the launch of Red Dead Redemption 3 before the end of the current generation of console. RDR 2, for example, saw the light five years after GTA 5, and nothing suggests that the time gap between the launch of GTA 6 and RDR 3 could be less: we will have to wait until 2030 on PS6 and Xbox Next to immerse ourselves further once in Rockstar’s Western Frontier, then?

At the time of writing, none of the most ‘reliable’ leakers believe they have enough elements to hypothesize the marketing window for Red Dead Redemption 3, but on a purely theoretical level the involvement of Take-Two’s subsidiaries and some of the many realities that gravitate in the Rockstar Games galaxy could ‘anticipate’ the launch window of the blockbuster western. Furthermore, the revolution in video game development promised by AI could further reduce the community’s waiting times and guarantee the release of RDR 3 before the end of the current decade , perhaps simultaneously on PS5, Xbox Series PC, PlayStation 6, Xbox Next and, why not, Nintendo Switch 2. And what do you think about it? Let us know with a comment.