When is the stable public beta of iOS 18 for iPhone arriving? The possible date

When is the stable public beta of iOS 18 for iPhone arriving? The possible date

Apple could begin rolling out the public beta of iOS 18 as early as the first half of July, with new Apple Intelligence features expected later.

Apple introduced the first beta of iOS 18 soon after its announcement at WWDC 2024. While installing the beta is simple, there are several caveats to consider. One of the main reasons why it is not recommended to install the first beta of iOS 18 is the presence of numerous bugs in the system.

In short, we usually wait for subsequent developer betas or public versions of betas, which tend to be more stable than the first developer versions. This leads to the question: when will Apple release the first public beta of iOS 18 for iPhones?

Possible iOS 18 release date

Taking into account past trends, Apple may release the public beta of iOS 18 on July 8, 2024 . iOS 18 represents one of the most significant updates for the iPhone, based on the first available betas. The tech company plans to make available later this summer the Apple Intelligence features , which are the flagship utilities for iOS 18. It is likely that Apple will decide to ship these AI features after the first public betas are released.

Apple indicated that public betas are “Coming Soon” on its Beta page, but did not provide an exact timeline. Historically, Apple has shipped iOS public betas approximately three to four weeks after developer betas. If we follow this pattern, it is plausible that the iOS 18 public betas will be released on July 8, 2024. Here is a summary of the public beta release dates for the last four years:

  • iOS 17 public beta went live on July 12
  • iOS 16 public beta was released on July 11
  • iOS 15 public beta went live on June 30
  • iOS 14 public beta went live on July 9

It should be emphasized that these are just speculations, and Apple could release the beta a week before or after July 8, as the company’s internal plans are unknown. As for other updates like watchOS 11 and macOS 15, Apple is likely to make them available at the same time as iOS 18. However, any significant issues with the software updates could cause delays in the release of public betas.

iPhone 15 Pro has a familiar design but with some new features
iPhone 15 Pro has a familiar design but with some new features

In summary, as we anxiously await the release of the iOS 18 public beta, it’s important to remember that expected dates are based on past trends and speculation. We will keep you updated here on techieduniya.com while if you want to know if your device will receive iOS 18, you can find the complete list here . Here is the list of devices that will support Apple Intelligence , given that it will only be available on the most recent devices due to hardware limitations and not to sell new phones . At least if we want to believe Apple’s words.

In the meantime, what features of iOS 18 are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments and share this article with anyone who might be interested in the latest Apple news!

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