God of War Ragnarok concluded (with a bang) the Norse saga of Kratos and his son Atreus but, judging by what we saw in the finale, we have the impression that their adventures will continue. We won’t reveal anything to you, but the doors are undoubtedly open, and we also doubt that Sony will abandon one of its most profitable IPs.

The arrival of God of War 6, therefore, seems only a question of time, but at this point a question arises: how long will we have to wait before we can play it?

When does God of War 6 come out? Speculations on the launch window

Before delving into hypotheses and speculations, we would first of all like to point out that Sony and Santa Monica Studio have not yet officially confirmed the new chapter of the series . The name God of War 6 isn’t official either, we’re just using it for convenience.

That said, we believe a launch is unlikely in the near term . If we exclude the productions in which she participated as a collaborator, Santa Monica Studio has always dealt with high-budget productions and has certainly not become famous for its speed of development. Of course, just two years passed between the first and second chapter, while God of War 3 and God of War Ascension needed a development cycle of “only” three years, but times have changed. Since then the complexity of video games has increased dramatically, and with it the costs and processing times.

God of War (2018), which kicked off a new course for the saga, arrived five years after Ascension, while God of War Ragnarok required four years of development despite being built in a cross-generational format on the foundations of predecessor. It must be said that it was initially scheduled for 2021, but was then postponed to the end of 2022.

Based on what has been analyzed, a possible fully current-gen God of War 6 for PS5 may not see the light before 2026 – at best. However, there is also another question that cannot be ignored: Santa Monica Studio is also working on another AAA IP , which according to some rumors would be a sci-fi game edited by Cory Barlog. Santa Monica Studio certainly has the means to manage two teams working on separate projects at the same time, but this other production could end up further delaying a possible sequel to God of War. In short, we wouldn’t be surprised at all if we had to get to 2027, the year in which there could already be the scent of PS6 in the air …

What do you think about it? The debate is open! Tell us your opinion in the comments, we are curious to read you.

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