Ever since FromSoftware cleared the concept of Soulslike with its famous productions (by the way, which is the best Dark Souls? ), more and more developers have tried to offer valid alternatives to the works of the Japanese studio, sometimes completely succeeding.

What is the best Soulslike not made by FromSoftware? Going to consult Metacritic, a clear winner emerges: it is the first Nioh by Team Ninja , originally published on PlayStation 4 in 2017. The adventure starring William Adams set in feudal Japan has in fact brought home a notable average of 88 , which also makes it one of the best games ever created by Team Ninja throughout its history.

It must be said that Team Ninja is another studio that has specialized in this type of game, considering the subsequent publication of Nioh 2 , Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin and Wo Long Fallen Dynasty , which were however received with less enthusiasm by the international press. Among the other prominent exponents of this specific Action/RPG category we also find Lies of P, awarded with a metascore of 84 in its Xbox Series X/S version .

Even in 2024 there will be no shortage of other promising non-FromSoftware Soulslikes: we await the release of Black Myth Wukong , arriving on PC , PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series