The first quarter of 2024 has just ended, after offering several quality games to PlayStation 5 users including exclusives and third parties. And in some cases we talk about authentic excellences that have managed to win over critics and the public.

Through the averages on Metacritic, here is the ranking of the 5 best PS5 games released so far in 2024 , waiting to find out what other surprises the next few months have in store for us:


5) Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth – 89

The eighth main episode of Yakuza/Like A Dragon is also one of the best ever offered by the entire franchise from SEGA and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio . Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth evolves the turn-based RPG formula introduced with the seventh chapter and raises it to the nth degree with an exorbitant amount of content, an even more refined and engaging gameplay, and breathtaking scenarios thanks to the new Hawaiian setting.Almost 20 years after its original debut, the brand therefore continues to be a certainty, waiting to find out when Yakuza Kiwami 3 will become reality .

4) Tekken 8 – 90

Not only one of the best Tekken ever created, but overall one of the greatest fighting games around. Bandai Namco gave its all with Tekken 8 and its efforts were rewarded with clear success among critics and the public, who were largely satisfied with the return of the historic brand to top form.Between the abundance of both single player and online content, Tekken 8 entertains for dozens and dozens of hours without realizing it.

3) The Last Of Us Part II Remastered – 90

Even if in our review of The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered we were not entirely convinced by this re-release, the Naughty Dog title remains one of the greatest games in the entire PlayStation history, and the re-release on PS5 is the right opportunity to rediscover Naughty Dog ‘s jewel if you didn’t have the opportunity to play it at the time of its original release on PS4 .An exciting story and improved gameplay compared to the first episode are waiting for you.

2) Balatro – 92

Compared to the other games on the list, Balatro is undoubtedly the most particular and different from the usual: it is a roguelike entirely focused on poker but with unusual rules, with the possibility of creating your own decks and the presence of wild cards capable of overturning completely the evolution of a game.

Precisely these particularities, as well as the unpredictability of the game, make Balatro a compelling product and worthy of being discovered in all its nuances.

1) Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – 92

Perhaps without any big surprises, but here we are: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the best game released so far on PS5 during 2024.

The second part of the remake of Final Fantasy VII not only evolves what Square Enix already did with the first game, but it amazes with its further perfected gameplay, with its avalanche of minigames, each more interesting than the other, and with a characterization of narrative and characters which, despite some uncertainties, is able to give emotions and involvement to the players. And now waiting for the future Part 3 will be very difficult!