The world map in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is much more extensive than the original

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is on its way with everything that made the original RPG a cult favorite – stylish fantasy, physics and battles based on the principle of “a small character climbs a huge monster.” But in order to fit all the giant monsters into one game, the sequel features a much larger world map.

A subreddit dedicated to the series recently posted clips from the Taipei Games Show 2024, showing what appears to be an insanely expansive map of the game’s world. Only a tiny area of ​​it is filled with detail, but as you move your cursor away and look into the shadowed areas, the scale of Dragon’s Dogma 2 becomes clear.

The size!
byu/Winter_Term9818 inDragonsDogma

DD2’s map is huge!
byu/pikachuswayless inDragonsDogma

Similar pieces of the map were already seen a couple of months ago, but it is worth noting that both videos seem to show only the ground part – deserts, forests and mountains. With caves, wells and dungeons, the dimensions of the second part may be even larger.

Previously, the developers announced the abandonment of traditional fast travel, so you will not be able to jump around the map. But many are happy about this: director Hideaki Itsuno explained that the team “worked a lot on the design of the world where you can stumble upon someone or something unexpected.”

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