The Batman Arkham series from Rocksteady Studios has offered high-quality games also characterized by exciting battles against numerous iconic adversaries of the Bat-Man. There are several epic boss fights in Batman Arkham , but there are still others that fell short.

We now mention three of the ugliest (or least successful) boss fights in the Batman Arkham series, certainly not up to the brand’s high standards:


If the battle with Deathstroke in Batman Arkham Origins (developed by WB Games Montreal ) is among the most exciting in the Arkhamverse, the same cannot be said of the battle staged by Batman Arkham Knight , a distant relative of the one seen in the adventure prequel.The rematch between Batman and Deathstroke takes place on the streets of Gotham: the villain is aboard his tank chased by our hero’s Batmobile, but the ensuing fight appears slow, uninspiring and devoid of creative flashes. Definitely more could have been done.

The mad Hatter

Batman Arkham City is deservedly among the best licensed games ever made , but even the exceptional Action/Adventure of 2011 is not without some flaws. Among these there is certainly the boss fight with the Mad Hatter , perhaps one of the most generic of the entire franchise.The whole battle consists solely of a short brawl against our opponent’s henchmen, who by the way doesn’t even actively get his hands dirty. Definitely a wasted opportunity, considering that the Mad Hatter’s mission is one of the most enigmatic and compelling secondary missions in the game.


Batman Arkham Asylum is also considered an excellent work for how it handles the figure of Joker , truly capable of giving a great edge to the entire production. Precisely for this reason it is difficult to hide the bitter taste in the mouth for how the final battle against the dangerous supervillain is managed.In addition to the physical transformation he undergoes after injecting himself with a dose of Titan which gives him an uninspired design, the ensuing battle appears rather bland and uninspiring, certainly a big step back compared to what we saw in the rest of the game. A real shame considering this is the final battle.