The Sims 5 map leaked online

In February 2023, news appeared about a leak of an early build of The Sims 5 for PC – a new part of the life simulator, codenamed Project Rene. And apparently this build included the full map of the game.

Data mining Redditor DzXAnt22 posted screenshots showing the entire map of the game. The red area is the area available in the playtest.

The Sims 5 will be a completely F2P game, so we can assume that EA will expand the world through paid DLC or microtransactions, while still allowing everyone to play the base version.

If you’re interested, an early build of the game is still available on the Internet. However, you should download it at your own peril and risk. It is very likely that the builds have long been infected with all sorts of worms.

There’s no word yet on when Project Rene will release The Sims 5, but the game has been in development for a long time. Perhaps EA will share details during the summer press conference.