The latest Helldivers 2 patch has increased the maximum level and added sandstorms

Arrowhead Game Studios continues to actively patch Helldivers 2 . The studio released another update , which made changes to the balance, also increased the maximum level and added a couple of new natural disasters.

Hell Marines may now encounter blizzards and sandstorms when landing on a planet. The maximum level has been increased from 50 to 150.

  • In civilian rescue missions, enemy spawn points have been moved back to make it easier for players to hold the line. At higher difficulty levels, these missions now require fewer people to be evacuated
  • Heavy and medium armor protect better, and you now take about 10% less damage than before when wearing heavy armor, and about 5% less when wearing medium
  • Fixed an issue where PS5 settings would reset when restarting the game
  • Players also note that flying warships and Automaton walkers have appeared