The Helldivers 2 team is building the “scaffolding” for upcoming content

The Helldivers 2 team is building the "scaffolding" for upcoming content

The Helldivers 2 team is building the “scaffolding” for upcoming content

The creators of Helldivers 2 know they need to keep up with user requests and now want to build “scaffolding” for upcoming content. Let’s see the words of the new CEO.

As we had already reported, Arrowhead Game Studios – the authors of Helldivers 2 – has a new CEO, Shams Jorjani. The previous one was always ready to talk about the game and say what could be expected from the shooter in the short or long term and the new one also follows the same philosophy. Indeed, the CEO confirmed that players of the cooperative shooter can expect even more content moving forward .

However, he specifies that the goal is to create content at a sustainable pace so that we can produce the best game possible in the long term.

The words of the CEO of Helldivers 2

Jorjani’s statement was shared via Reddit . This is a very long statement where the CEO confirms to the community that, although there are changes at the top, Arrowhead Game Studios does not want to change direction and things will continue as usual.

The Helldivers 2 team is building the “scaffolding” for upcoming content

Hello fellow Helldivers! Greetings from the newly minted CEO – Shams Jorjani
byu/BigKahuna_AGS inHelldivers

“First of all, this change of plans is to get Pilen [ed., the ex-CEOI] closer to the games. Making new games/prototypes , having more time to play Helldivers, working closer to Micke, our excellent Game Director, and to the many other designers/devices we have. I have assigned Pilen to be the Obi-Wan of many “Luke” in our studio everyone can hear Pilen’s wise voice in the back of their heads when they’re balancing weapons, designing missions or enemies, the better it doesn’t mean Pilen is always right, but we intend to keep him on our toes and keep us all informed. But at the end of the day it’s not Pilen who creates the games, but everyone the others, it’s a team effort.”

“Second: continue to work closely with Sony and improve the game for as many people as possible. They are an amazing partner and we wouldn’t have HD2 if it weren’t for them.”

“Third: MOREÚÚÚÚÚ. We knew it would be impossible to keep up with the demand and insatiable hunger for more fun things to do in/with Helldivers 2. Our only goal as a studio is to set things up in a sustainable way , so that we can do more and better things in the long term. We’re building some scaffolding before we can build a bigger barn.”

Obviously the ex-CEO will not remain silent and for example among the latest statements there is the fact that the players of Helldivers 2 are the bad guys .

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