The first major patch for Manor Lords targets AI enemies, underpowered archers, and excessive ale consumption, also introducing a high tax

The first major patch for Manor Lords targets AI enemies underpowered archers and excessive ale consumption also introducing a high tax

The first patch for Manor Lords is now available for public testing, which means it’s coming soon and we can see exactly what’s changing for the medieval city builder.

The patch brings a whole list of improvements, the most notable of which is a significant increase in archer damage. It was assumed that this type of unit was too strong prior to release, prompting the game developer to push the balance too far in the other direction and accidentally create “very weak archers”.

Other fixes slow down the rate at which Hildebolt takes over land, improve “inefficient sawmills that were also causing general issues with storage full messages, and fix the issue of people and/or livestock being strayed when there is living space available for them.

Excessive ale consumption has also been reduced.

Another major change to Manor Lords was the introduction of the King’s Tax, or Annual King’s Tax, as the name is still being finalized.

The tax is collected annually from all players (main player and AI) and goes to your overlord. It is calculated on a per capita basis and therefore should act as a counterbalance to players who accumulate enormous wealth despite a sub-optimized economy.

There are many more changes big and small, mainly related to numbers and balance. You can read the details in the patch notes .