“The fastest purchase of my life” – Hades 2 successfully launched on Steam

"The fastest purchase of my life" - Hades 2 successfully launched on Steam

On May 6, Supergiant Games suddenly released the Hades sequel into Early Access . Judging by the reaction of users, the launch was a success. The game at its peak attracted 79,276 players, and reviews remained at the “extremely positive” mark .

For comparison, the original Hades launched on Steam with a peak online presence of 23,516 players. It is worth noting that the “bagel” was released on Valve’s service after a year of being on the Epic Games Store.

In reviews of the sequel to Hades, players thank the developers for releasing it on Steam, and some write that this is their fastest purchase in their lives. Another user noted that this game is “what sex would be if it were good.”

Hades II is available on Steam and Epic Games Store for 1100 rubles with text translation into Russian and full compatibility with Steam Deck. The Supergiant Games game will remain in early access until the end of 2024.