The authors of Genshin Impact showed a documentary about the creation of Ka Ming

HoYoVerse shared a new video for Genshin Impact . It was dedicated to the hero Ka Ming, who appeared in a recent major update . The video boasts a length of more than 24 minutes, during which the authors recall the process of working on the hero.

“On the one hand, he is a mercenary who has seen the world. On the other is the skilled dance performer Ushou. Days and nights on the road and incessant work did not at all cool his passion for the Ushou dance,” reads the description of the video.

Ka Ming is a four-star hero. HoYoVerse began working on Ka Ming in 2022. One of the main challenges was learning the lion dance, which is important in Chinese culture. It is on the basis of these movements that the character’s fighting techniques are based, so it was necessary to correctly weave them into the gameplay.

Fans highly appreciated the way the developers are working to create new heroes. And earlier, Ka Ming appeared in a short animated video .