The tech expert known on YouTube as Moore’s Law is Dead has returned to his recent statements regarding the alleged technical specifications of Nintendo Switch 2 , which have generated a lively discussion online.

In a video from a few days ago, Moore’s Law is Dead stated that Nintendo Switch 2 would mount an Nvidia Tegra T239 chip , which would allow it to reach a power comparable to that of the Xbox Series S. A well-known insider, Kepler, did not agree with the comparison, according to whom with such a chip the future Nintendo console would have no chance of catching up with the little one from Microsoft.

Following this comparison, Moore’s Law is Dead released another video in an attempt to better contextualize his initial statements. In addition to confirming other rumors that would have an SoC with Samsung’s 8nm production process and a total of 12 GB of RAM, the YouTuber stated that in reality Switch 2 would be very close to the Xbox Series S, even without reaching its performance. From this point of view, in home mode it would therefore be closer to a PlayStation 4 Pro . His words on the matter were: “PlayStation 4 Pro is a good way to describe the performance of the docked Nintendo Switch 2” .

Nonetheless, he still doesn’t consider the comparison with Xbox Series S to be out of place. In a comment left under his own video, the YouTuber added: “PlayStation 4 Pro would be a good approximation, but CPU apart from Xbox Series S, it’s not like that different due to its limited memory system” .

Not satisfied with the suggestions offered, Moore’s Law is Dead also tried to describe the potential of the Switch 2 in portable mode, judging them superior to those of a Steam Deck , at least from a visual point of view. According to him, Nintendo’s future console would provide better image quality than Valve’s proposal , complete with support for light ray tracing. “Even if Nintendo saved on clocks and cooling, I would still say that Switch 2 would be 20-30% faster on the GPU side, but weaker on the CPU side. So if Steam Deck can deliver 720p at low settings at 40fps, Switch should be able to handle 720p at high details and light ray tracing at 30fps” .

Before saying goodbye, we would like to specify that these comparisons and suppositions are based on leaks whose veracity is anything but proven. While waiting for official information, take them only as a starting point for discussion and not as an absolute certainty.