Stellar Blade will be released uncensored in all countries

Stellar Blade will be released uncensored in all countries

Stellar Blade will be released uncensored in all countries:

The developers of the action game Stellar Blade from the company Shift Up announced on social networks that the game will be released without censorship in all regions. The creators emphasized that this also applies to the version of the title for the Japanese market.

The creators of the action game accompanied the announcements with a catchy picture with the inscription “Uncensored in all countries.” User comments under the announcement are extremely enthusiastic.

The future of humanity balances on the edge of a blade. The Earth was ravaged by strange monsters, and the handful of surviving people had to leave their home world, fleeing to the Colony in orbit.
Eve returned to the tormented Earth with an important task: to save humanity by retaking the planet from the biotives – mutated creatures that ravaged her world.
But, destroying the biotives one by one and collecting grains of information among the ruins of the former civilization, Eve realized that the operation would be much more difficult than she had expected. Everything around is not what it seems…

Yoko Taro believes that Stellar Blade is much better than Nier: Automata and makes him very jealous

The Stellar Blade action game will be released on April 26 exclusively on PlayStation 5. The game will be released with Russian subtitles. Previously, the developers of Stellar Blade released a demo version that allows you to familiarize yourself with the basic mechanics and evaluate the introduction.

Ratings of Stellar Blade from the Western press will appear on April 24.

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