Stellar Blade: no censorship on the game, it will have the same content in all countries

Stellar Blade will not suffer any censorship, ShiftUp confirmed: the game will have the same content in all countries, including Japan.

ShiftUp, the Korean team behind Stellar Blade , is keen to specify that the game will not have censorship and will be released with the same content in all countries , which may represent a distinctive element in some areas.

In certain cases, such as in Japan, some content is sometimes modified in order to fit the titles into wider age ranges , reducing controversial elements so as to be able to sell the game to younger players and thus expand the potential audience, but evidently with Stellar Blade the developers wanted to give priority to the integrity of the contents.

Not for nothing, in some countries ” swaying breasts ” have been specifically reported in rating board classifications, leading in some cases to an increase in the recommended age range for the use of the game.

A game that will cause discussion?

Stellar Blade obviously plays on the sensuality of the protagonist
Stellar Blade obviously plays on the sensuality of the protagonist

The ShiftUp team evidently still wanted to keep all versions faithful to the original vision of Stellar Blade, bringing wavy curves and “nude” effect skins all over the world, as a sort of mission undertaken by the Korean developers.

Between sexualization and violence , the game will probably be talked about, but it seems that these elements have a notable importance for ShiftUp, which obviously in the meantime also enjoys the fact of being at the center of attention, thanks also to the boost in visibility guaranteed by the marketing entirely supported by Sony, which considers the game a very important “second party” exclusive for the 2024 PS5.

Just in these hours we saw the trailer that presents the Superior Skills , after the one on the Beta Skills .