Stellar Blade has finally arrived on the shelves of all physical and digital stores, allowing PlayStation 5 owners to experience the adventure of the beautiful warrior Eve. If you are also about to start the Shift Up title for the first time, here is a series of tips that may be useful to you.

Practice with the parry

Stellar Blade’s combat system provides three different options for defending yourself: Eve can in fact perform an agile dodge , parry or perform a parry . As often happens in action titles, even in this case each of the actions is better suited to specific circumstances, although the parry tends to be the most effective choice of all, since it not only allows you not to suffer damage, but at the same time stuns for a few moments the target and opens a brief window to counterattack.

Obviously, executing the parry is much more difficult than the classic parry , since it requires pressing the L1 button shortly before the enemy hits the protagonist.

Precisely for this reason, we advise you to parry in the traditional way every time you encounter a new enemy: in this way you will be able to analyze his moveset and learn all his possible moves, so as to know exactly when to proceed with the parry and give him a good lesson.

Complete the side missions

Unless you are playing Stellar Blade to enjoy the simple main story, perhaps playing at the lowest difficulty level among those available (in this regard, we remind you that you can change it at any time from the options), we advise you not to underestimate the the importance of side missions .

Many players continue to interact with the open map checkpoints to respawn all the creatures and eliminate them over and over again with the aim of accumulating large amounts of experience, but this is not the best method for those who want to dedicate themselves to farming .

Exploring the maps makes perfect sense, but those who intend to significantly enhance the protagonist should dedicate themselves to the quests assigned to them by the various characters: these not only reward the player with large amounts of experience , but also with truly valuable objects and upgrades. useful.

Scan each area

One of the most useful mechanics in Stellar Blade is without a doubt scanning. The small drone that accompanies the beautiful protagonist during her adventures is in fact capable of scanning the surrounding area: simply press the DualSense touchpad to make the robot analyze the territory, highlighting all the elements worthy of attention. ‘Attention .

The reason why it is essential to scan every area you enter is very simple, since there are numerous enemies who can hide around and ambush you: thanks to a scan, you can know their exact position and prevent them from surprising you.

In addition, thanks to the drone’s analysis you can find chests, robots that contain precious materials (always destroy them) and Eve’s fallen companions, which allow you to obtain upgrades. Also don’t forget that the scan highlights in yellow all those elements of the scenario with which you can interact or which you can cling to.

Take the item on the Tower

After completing the first stages of the adventure, you will find yourself inside the first open map of Stellar Blade, the Wasteland. Once you reach this rocky territory, we suggest you go to the large tower as soon as possible , since its activation allows you to access a series of particularly useful benefits.

On the one hand you will have access to the camps that allow the protagonist to obtain supplies, on the other you will get your hands on the Mimetic Exothorn . This is a piece of equipment that makes Eve less visible to enemies , so she can more easily sneak up behind them and take them out stealthily. Not only that, since the enhancement of this Exothorn causes each elimination to recover 15% of health points .

Better settings

The developers of Stellar Blade wanted to ensure that each player could customize their gaming experience in various aspects, so they included a myriad of different options that can be easily modified via the appropriate screen. Some of these, disabled by default, are incredibly useful and we suggest you activate them as soon as possible: we are referring in particular to the Automatic object collection , which anyone should activate as soon as possible since it is an option that brings only and exclusively advantages.

The same goes for Tail Length , which can be shortened to improve visibility and make it easier to focus on targets to attack or defend.

As for the video options, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to keep effects such as Motion Blur , Chromatic Aberration and Film Grain Effect active or not . Instead, we suggest using the Balanced preset as the graphics setting , since, net of some drops in framerate, it is the best way to enjoy the game fluidly without sacrificing too much visual quality.