Stardew Valley update 1.6 is complete in terms of core content and will be released this year, most likely on PC first

Eric ConcernedApe Baron, the creator of Stardew Valley, tweeted about the status of the upcoming major update 1.6. According to him, work on the main innovations has already been completed, the final stage of testing and refinement is underway, and the release is scheduled for this year.

Initially, the developer did not plan to make update 1.6 large-scale and promised only small improvements. However, in September 2023, it introduced a solid list of innovations, including a new farm type, a major festival, late-game content, over 100 lines of dialogue, support for 8-player multiplayer on PC, and much more.

As ConcernedApe noted, over time the update “has grown a bit from the original plans.” Now the main work is completed, final testing and bug fixing is underway before release. The developer thanked the players for their patience and promised that 1.6 will bring a lot of interesting things.

Answering questions from fans, ConcernedApe confirmed that the update will definitely be released in 2024, and first on PC. According to him, he wants to minimize the delay between releases on different platforms, given the negative experience of the past.

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