Spider-Man 2 update on PS5 adds a debug menu allowing players to beat the game in seconds

The latest patch for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Insomniac’s (for now) PS5-exclusive open-world superhero blockbuster, added more than just a New Game+ option. According to a tweet from the developer and also spotted by fans online, you can now easily access the debug menu and complete the entire game in a few button presses.

Insomniac has released the long-awaited patch 1,002,000 for Spider-Man 2. This update finally adds the much-requested New Game+ option for those looking to replay some previously purchased upgrades and gadgets. It also adds new costume upgrade options and a way to overcome the base game’s level cap. And if you press the options button and touchpad at any time, you’ll open a previously inaccessible developer-only debug menu that lets you jump around the entire game and beat it in seconds.

Shortly after the update went live, players discovered that they could access the new debug menu quite easily. At least one player has already used this previously inaccessible menu to skip all content in the game’s main campaign and complete its story in record time. Others have noticed possible DLC missions and characters.

In a video showing a quick walkthrough using the debug menu.

Insomniac has already commented on the situation, noting that they are aware of the issue and are working on a fix to presumably remove the menu.

We are aware that the latest game update may have unintentionally enabled access to the game development menu. Hotfix coming soon.

The studio warned that using this debug menu may “corrupt your saves and trophy progress.” However, she assured players that as long as you don’t use the developer-only menu, you’ll be fine and not risking your save files in this new updated version of Spider-Man 2.

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