Solium Infernum: a session strategy about political showdowns in Hell; has been released on PC

League of Geeks studio announced the release of 4X strategy Solium Infernum . The game, in which you will have to ascend the empty throne of Hell, dealing with other contenders using cunning and brute force, is already available on Steam for 1,300 rubles .

Seize the throne of hell in this massive turn-based strategy game born in the underworld! The Prince of Darkness disappeared, and in his absence the archdemons began plotting: gather legions, think over insidious plans and devilish tricks. Who will become the new ruler of hell and inherit the throne?

The original Solium Infernum was released by designer Vic Davis in 2009, but did not achieve much recognition among the general public. But it became a source of inspiration for the game Armello. And then the Armello developers from the League of Geeks studio announced a kind of remake. In this way they want to pay tribute to the title.