Single-player offline mode: server browser and DLC price revision – Starbreeze reveals plans to improve Payday 3

Starbreeze has publicly released a plan to save Payday 3 . The initiative to bring the shooter back to life is called Operation Medic Bag. At least the whole of 2024 will be spent on its implementation.

By monitoring player feedback, the creators of Payday 3 have identified a number of aspects that require improvements, and in some places, complete rework. Starbreeze nevertheless listened to the opinions of users and decided to return some of the mechanics of the sequel.


  • Single mode and offline play – the functionality will be implemented in two stages: first, the solo mode will be available with a connection, and later it will be possible to play without the Internet, only connecting periodically to synchronize progress
  • Complete reworking of matchmaking and implementation of the Crime.Net server browser
  • The current challenge system will be removed, and the Infamy progression will be entirely tied to heists
  • A complete overhaul of the interface – players will better assess the situation, the list of friends will be simplified, and some elements will be adapted to the theme of robberies
  • Three paid expansions are still planned for 2024 – there will also be another free heist, a free machine gun, cosmetic items and skill trees
  • Starbreeze has heard criticism from players about the cost of add-ons, so the price tag of DLC will be revised – both for released and upcoming ones
  • The in-game store will be revised, but only in 2025
  • It was decided to postpone the transition to Unreal Engine 5, since the updated engine will not solve the key problems of Payday 3 – Starbreeze will fix the base game first

What is planned for the summer of 2024:

  • Updated quick selection (version 1)
  • Renaming equipment sets
  • Periodic small content patches
  • Voting to remove a player
  • Rotation of stealth modifiers
  • “Not ready” button before the match
  • “Play again” button after completing a task
  • Grouping players after completing a mission
  • Daily activities with rewards
  • Vendor with a weekly set of masks
  • Communication wheel improvements

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Payday 3 is available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. The shooter is also available on Game Pass.