SEGA’s sexy Toylets are still in high demand in Japan, according to a study

SEGA's sexy Toylets are still in high demand in Japan according to a study

SEGA’s sexy Toylets are still in high demand in Japan, according to a study

Apparently SEGA’s legendary Toylets are still loved in their homeland, where even peeing represents an escape from reality.

It was 2011 when SEGA launched a hardware on the market that made history, at least in public toilets: the Toylet , developed by SEGA R&D1. What did it consist of? In turning going to pee into an interactive entertainment experience; it consisted of an LCD screen, a motion tracking sensor (to detect the player… let’s call it that) and a downward-facing sensor that measured both the speed of the player’s urine stream and the amount of water.

SEGA’s sexy Toylets are still in high demand in Japan, according to a study

Its aim was to make the person concentrate on their recreational activity of the moment, preventing urine from ending up on the floor. In short, the final objective was very noble: to have cleaner public toilets. But not only that, because the best players could save their scores on a USB stick to later brag about to their friends. The LCD screen projected interactive games, usually sexy (not all of them actually). Some of you have surely seen the Toylets from Yakuza Kiwami 2 .

Games and discoveries

Consider that eight titles were launched for this futuristic gaming system:

  • Bukkake Battle! Hana Kara Gyuunyuu / Milk Jet Battle (2011)
  • Bukkake Battle! Hana Kara Gyuunyuu: Banchou Battle (2011)
  • Dokitsu! Boufuu Keihou Hatsurei (2011)
  • Graffiti Eraser (2011)
  • Panel Quiz Chou Nyo-ryoku (2011)
  • Nyounai Checker (2011)
  • Tamero! Shoubengozou (2011)
  • Tamer! Shoubengozou Deluxe (2011)

Unfortunately, even extreme beauty has an end and SEGA stopped producing the Toylets in 2016.

However, recently the Japanese video game store BEEP published an article on Toylets, which shows that they are still in use and highly appreciated in 2024. The author of the investigation had some difficulty finding information on Toylets still functioning, considering the end of the support and the lack of photographic material. Regardless, after a long search, he discovered some broken Toylets, but many others that were still perfectly functional in various shops. Apparently they are very popular and those who still have them don’t want to replace them.