Russian students are already making a PlaySpace console – with weak hardware and a price of 47 thousand rubles

Russia is developing its own gaming console, designed to compete with popular foreign products such as PlayStation and Xbox. And a project called PlaySpace is already being implemented by students of the Don State Technical University.

According to student project leader Artem Pazin, there is already a working prototype:

We currently have a prototype of the device ready. It is a mini PC with its own operating system on which you can play games.

PlaySpace is equipped with the following hardware:

  • Intel Atom X5 processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 64 GB storage
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules supporting 2.4 and 5 GHz networks.
  • HDMI interface

The developers call the main “innovative” feature of the console the ability to control it without using a traditional gamepad. Instead, it is proposed to connect a smartphone to the console via Bluetooth and use a virtual joystick built into a special mobile application for Android and iOS. This approach eliminates the need for the user to purchase separate controllers that are prone to breakdowns and wear. And of course, everyone knows that playing games without tactile feedback while looking at a TV screen is very convenient.

The estimated cost of PlaySpace will be about 47 thousand rubles, which makes it shamelessly expensive considering the characteristics, even without a controller. The exact timing of the console’s appearance on the market has not yet been disclosed.

DSTU students strive to prove that domestic specialists are capable of creating competitive gaming systems with unique features. True, so far there is neither competition nor innovation in the declared prototype. This hardware will not be able to run any modern games, and the control method via a smartphone may sound good at first glance, but it is completely unsuitable for active gaming.

Why does the cost of the console amount to as much as 47 thousand rubles, despite the fact that all the hardware will cost a maximum of 5-6 thousand? And this despite the fact that even the developers themselves admit that this is not a console, but an ordinary mini-PC. Even the name is not original.