Rumor: Apple can’t create its own AI – asks Google Gemini to help Siri

According to Bloomberg , Apple is in talks to build Google Gemini into the next iPhone operating system, providing Siri and other AI features. The iPhone maker has reportedly held discussions with several AI companies about the possibility of equipping iOS 18 with rival technology, including OpenAI.

Apple has been largely silent in the AI ​​market in 2023, leading to speculation that the iPhone giant could be falling behind Google and OpenAI. However, CEO Tim Cook has promised a major announcement about AI this year, expected at WWDC in June. The company has reportedly created a chatbot powered by Apple GPT AI, which employees say is inferior to ChatGPT and Gemini. New information indicates that Apple is unable to catch up with competitors and intends to outsource the AI ​​functions of the iPhone.

Google Gemini or another competitor’s AI chatbot is being discussed to support Siri and other apps. However, the iPhone maker is reportedly planning to build some of its own AI features into the next operating system. Apple has already released an open-source machine learning platform in late 2023, as well as an AI image editor in February.

At the same time, Google’s Gemini push has stalled due to its inability to answer controversial questions. So Google is now working on a fix for chatbots refusing to answer questions about race, politics, or gender. Apple is likely betting that Google will sort out Gemini’s problems in the next few months.

Gemini’s use in the iPhone will build on Apple’s search engine partnership with Google. Last year, Google paid Apple 36% of its search engine revenue—roughly $18 billion a year, according to data disclosed as part of Google’s antitrust hearing. The US Department of Justice alleges that the two companies acted as a single entity to dominate the mobile search market.

Apple’s AI partnership will give Google a huge advantage over competitors like OpenAI and Anthropic by bringing AI to one billion users around the world.

At the same time, Apple is under intense pressure from expectations regarding AI. While other companies are actively introducing AI into their devices and applications, Apple has remained proudly silent, not providing any information about what it will do with this technology.