Redfall: Arkane Austin confirms the last update before the closure, with many new features

Arkane Austin will publish the latest Redfall update despite the closure, introducing many new features into the game.

In recent days, Microsoft has announced the closure of four development studios, including Arkane Austin , which launched Redfall in 2023 , amid controversy and very strong criticism. Despite the end, the software house still has something in store for its fans: a huge update for its vampire-based action game, which will introduce several highly anticipated new features.

Redfall was born as a live service game by Zenimax executives , who wanted more games with this economic model. The developers of Arkane Austin tried to protest, because it was a title that wasn’t really up their alley, given the specialization in immersive sims like Prey , but there was nothing to be done. Zenimax was then bought by Microsoft, which confirmed Redfall, but gave very little support to the project and the studio, as confirmed by the executives themselves, who also apologized for the occasion . A year after launch, it was Arkane Austin that was closed, which unfortunately largely paid for the poor choices of others.

Farewell time

Redfall: Arkane Austin confirms the last update before the closure, with many new features
Redfall has been a problematic project for Arkane Austin

Regarding the new update, the studio explained on single player, offline mode and much more. We will give you more details soon. Thank you all.”

Many have thanked Arkane Austin for this latest effort, in particular for the introduction of the offline mode , which was highly requested and excellent for the preservation of the game.

Of course, it’s really sad to see such a prestigious studio, to which we owe a masterpiece like the aforementioned Prey, vanish like this, without having had any chance to redeem itself from its single mistake, also caused by a management that wasn’t exactly far-sighted. In any case, we are waiting for the latest Redfall patch, reminding you that the game is available for PC and Xbox Series X/S and that you can play it via Game Pass subscription , on all platforms supported by the service.