While Sony tries to trace the source of the PS5 PRO leaks , the Digital Foundry editorial team discusses the previews that are circulating online and, in doing so, believes they can unofficially confirm what has been leaked regarding the hardware characteristics of the mid-gen PlayStation model 5.

The analysis signed by DF Technology Editor Richard Leadbetter starts from the assumption that PS5 PRO will be “the most powerful console ever thanks to its most powerful GPU, significantly improved Ray Tracing and upscaling managed by AI” .

In his examination, the Digital Foundry exponent then takes inspiration from the rumors on the specifications of PS5 PRO to discuss the advantage (both graphic and performance) deriving from a hardware that aims, in a purely theoretical line, to significantly increase the bar of possibilities offered to first party and cross-platform developers on current generation PlayStation consoles.

Despite the undeniable improvements that should be offered by the GPU upgrade , the increase in the portion of GDDR6 RAM accessible to developers (from 12.5 to 13.7GB) and the possibilities guaranteed by the PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution technology of the PS5 PRO , for Leadbetter the performance and graphic leap compared to the current PlayStation 5 models should be similar to that experienced in the last generation in the transition from PlayStation 4 to PS4 PRO .

The reason for all this, according to the Technology Editor of DF, should be sought in the absence of tangible improvements on the CPU front : an aspect, the latter, which has already emerged in the numerous analyzes on the specific leaks of PS5 PRO and the limitations of the CPU for issues related to backward compatibility .

The Digital Foundry journalist therefore believes that the PS5 PRO processor, ‘only’ 10% more powerful than that of the PlayStation 5 , should limit the possibilities offered by the mid-gen Sony console, especially with regards to the increase in framerate in triple-A video games and in productions with advanced graphics. If nothing else, Leadbetter believes that PS5 PRO can be sold at a price that is not excessively high which he expects to be in the order of 600 dollars (or a little more). While waiting for an official response from Sony, we leave you with these clarifications of ours on the PS5 PRO hypotheses between 8K and 4K games at 120fps .

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