Among the numerous horror adventures published on PlayStation 2 , Rule of Rose was one of the most controversial and talked about despite the quality of the work developed by the defunct Punchline being in truth anything but memorable. Yet, Rule of Rose is among the most expensive games to recover on PS2 from a collector’s point of view.

Wandering around on Ebay, in fact, it is possible to find numerous advertisements for the work with truly remarkable prices: a well-kept copy of the game is unlikely to be found under 350 euros , but prices can reach up to 600 euros and more for sealed versions, it doesn’t matter if European, American or Japanese. Why is Rule of Rose worth so much? The main reason, without any major surprises, is all linked to a question of distribution: at the time of its release, few copies of the game were produced , making it difficult to purchase already during the launch period in Europe in November 2006.

The limited edition of the survival horror as well as the limited critical and public success it received at the time have therefore made Rule of Rose a highly coveted piece by collectors. To this we must also add the scandals relating to Rule of Rose which began in particular in Italy through a controversial article published in Panorama which later had international resonance. In several territories such as the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand the distribution of the game was even cancelled, further limiting its diffusion. The discussions that have surrounded the horror adventure have therefore contributed to its value skyrocketing higher and higher over the years.

In recent years there had been rumors about the possible return of Rule of Rose through a re-release on modern platforms. Those rumors, however, never materialized.