The future of Pokémon video games passes through a new spin-off of the Legends series, which in 2025 will bring all the Trainers back to Kalos in a different version of X&Y’s Lumiose City (past or future, it is not yet clear). We are talking about Pokémon Legends: ZA , a project yet to be discovered.

The announcement trailer for Pokémon Legends: ZA didn’t even show a snippet of gameplay, but among city plans that take shape and cyberpunk-style neon lights it also offered some interesting secrets, Easter eggs and goodies. We know that as true Pokémon fans it is difficult for you to miss something, but here are three details that we found very interesting.

Z for Zygarde

The Z in the subtitle immediately brought to mind Zygarde, the third Legendary Pokémon from X&Y . Since the original two games set in Kalos focused on the Legendary Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal (the letters X & Y were inspired by them), we assume that now it’s Zygarde’s turn.The overwhelming proof is given to us in the official logo of the game. Move your gaze above and take a good look at the Z: the pattern is the same as Zygarde !

Staying on the topic, we point out that ZA is most likely also a reference to AZ, a very important character in Pokémon X&Y.

The capture mechanic from Pokémon Legends: Arceus returns

Dazzled by the neon lights, you may have missed the silhouette of the Trainer who, at exactly 0:50, is intent on throwing a Poké Ball from a pier in the direction of a Dragonair, which jumps out of the river and then dives back into it.Despite the failure of the poor trainer, this scene appears as an explicit confirmation of the return of the capture mechanic already seen in Pokémon Legends: Arceus , which allows you to capture Pokémon in the Overworld without going through turn-based battles .

Past or future?

Nintendo and Game Freak have not specified the exact time location of Pokémon Legends: ZA, information that would certainly be very interesting to know since Arceus accompanied the Trainers in a rather distant past.So when is ZA set? We know that an urban redevelopment plan is underway, but in what era is it placed? Before XY or after? It is not known, but in addition to the cyberpunk look there is also a well-hidden detail that makes us exclude with some certainty the setting in a distant past : at minute 0:42 there is a girl talking on her cell phone!