While Pokémon TCG fans await the arrival in Italy of the Chronoforces expansion , scheduled for March 22, The Pokémon Company seems to be immersed in preparations for the next sets of its cardgame. Today, for example, some registered brands reveal the names of the next Pokémon TCG products coming out in 2024.

The PokéGuardian portal , in fact, explains that it has discovered that the next main set of the Pokémon TCG will be “Mask of Change” , or “The Mask of Change” or “The Mask of Mutation”. The expansion should have as its protagonist the legendary ninth generation monster Ogerpon , already at the center of the DLC The Turquoise Mask of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet . According to what reported by PokéGuardian, the set will arrive in Japan on April 26, 2024 and will be sold in the usual booster boxes of 30 packages each at a cost of 5,400 Yen.

The product, among whose cards an Ogerpon-ex with unknown Teracrystallization should stand out , should adapt part of the Turquoise Mask DLC also into the Collectible Card Game. The number of cards in the set, unfortunately, still remains unknown. Furthermore, on May 17th, a Special Collection will be published with a Jumbo card of Ogerpon , a promotional card of the same monster and a promo card dedicated to his mask.

Instead, “Night Wanderer” , the third main set of the Pokémon TCG for 2024, will be released in Japan on June 7. The expansion should be released in Italy at the end of the summer and should focus on the new Pokémon of The Turquoise Mask : its cover cards should respectively represent Okidogi, Fezandipiti and Munkidori, the members of the ninth generation Beniamici trio.

Separately, a second report from PokéGuardian reveals that The Pokémon Company has registered the “Stella Miracle” patent , which should refer to the fourth (and perhaps final) main expansion of the pocket monster TCG of 2024. The set should adapt completely or partially the second DLC of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the Indigo Disc , focusing in particular on the three forms of Terapagos , which could thus receive a “standard” version, a Teracristal variant and a Teracristal-ex for his Astral Form.