Player builds ultimate Skyrim setup and now even feels pain when hit

A streamer has developed a gaming setup that not only simulates the weather, but can also cause real pain.

Skyrim VR streamer GingasVR already spent more than $15,000 to create one of the most immersive virtual reality setups in the world. As a new video reveals, she has now taken this equipment to a completely new and unique level with an upgrade.

Virtual hits, real pain

The older version of their super setup was already more than impressive. Through a combination of Vive trackers and mods that change item physics, the streamer’s actions can be converted into precise in-game movements.

Fans also detect the weather in the game and simulate the wind flow. A haptic vest makes it possible to feel sensations directly on the body when using objects such as food or during actions such as punches.

Immersion on a new level : With a second haptic vest, it is now possible for GingasVR to feel real pain when it is damaged. The streamer published an entertaining introduction video via X (formerly Twitter) in which she travels with an AI companion and takes a lot of damage:

As the video shows, the second haptic vest uses electrodes that deliver painful electric shocks when hit . These vary depending on the type of damage. For example, in one part of the video, the streamer jumps off a slope and receives a powerful electric shock in her legs from the fall damage.

Towards the end of the clip, GingasVR meets a nasty, fire-breathing dragon. After he grills her thoroughly, the streamer uses the power of creative mods and takes revenge with a gun. Her screams make it clear that GingaVR will think twice before taking on a giant smoking lizard in the future.