Persona Live Tour 2024 is now imminent, will Atlus announce something?

Persona Live Tour 2024 is now imminent will Atlus announce something?

A few days before the start of the Persona Live Tour 2024, Atlus has not specified the absence of announcements during the event: what can we expect?

The Persona Live Tour 2024 will begin shortly, with the concert on May 31st in Osaka followed by two dates in Yokohama, one of which will be broadcast as part of a paid livestream on June 8th. Well, will Atlus announce something?

The question is legitimate, as the Japanese publisher usually specifies the possible absence of new announcements in events of this type, but precisely for the Persona Live Tour 2024 there has not yet been such a communication .

A few hours after the announcement of the sales of the various episodes of Persona , which were very positive, there is therefore the possibility that Atlus will surprise us on June 8th with a surprise : perhaps the confirmation of the western launch of Persona 5: The Phantom X ?

A strategic question

It is inevitable that the many fans of the Persona series perhaps want a teaser of the sixth chapter , which is probably at an excellent point in development or perhaps is even now complete.

In reality, however, it is difficult for something like this to happen: with other Atlus products in the pipeline, see for example Metaphor Re:Fantazio coming out in October , a possible announcement of Persona 6 would end up catalyzing general attention.

However, we imagine that something could happen during the Persona Live Tour 2024: a few more weeks and we will find out how things are.