Although it lacks The Answer, a long narrative appendix included in Persona 3 FES, and some exclusive content from the Portable version, the recent Persona 3 Reload should be considered in all respects as the definitive edition of the ATLUS chapter .

The remake created by the Japanese giant has also improved or at least modernized various aspects of the production, bringing it closer where possible to the unforgettable and unattainable Persona 5 Royal (here you can find the review of Persona 5 Royal ). Since this is a long-lived and complex JRPG, we have prepared a list of tips that will help you survive the so-called “Dark Hour”!

Delegate the rescue of the missing

Like the aforementioned Persona 5, the third chapter of the series offers a marked management component linked to the calendar and the activities to which it is possible to dedicate oneself every single day.

Going to school, interacting with classmates to improve Social Links , working part-time in shops and penetrating Tartarus (the procedural dungeon that can be explored during the Dark Hour) are just some of the countless activities to which the player can decide to allocate his time , and in order not to waste it, it is essential to plan every single move carefully. It is no coincidence that one of the most important innovations in Persona 3 Reload is to be found in the possibility of rewinding time to recover any lost events.In addition to this, the developers of Persona 3 Reload have devised a series of measures which, compared to what happened in previous versions of the product, significantly limit the waste of time. To give an example, starting from the month of June the charming Elizabeth will task your alter-ego with saving people who have somehow remained trapped inside Tartarus: while previously the player was forced to identify the unfortunate person in question and to personally accompany him to the entrance of the dungeon, thus losing part of the progression, in Persona 3 Reload it is possible to delegate the aforementioned task to a member of the party.

In this way, not only will you save yourself (finally!) the hassle of having to exit and re-enter Tartarus every time, but by selecting an inactive member of your group you will be able to continue exploring the dungeon without having to give up key elements of the formation.

Don’t hesitate to change parties

When a JRPG includes a dozen playable characters, it is inevitable that the user becomes particularly fond of some of them , ending up frequently deploying them in battle. Since the guys at ATLUS have set aside the fatigue system that characterized Persona 3 (we talked about it in detail in the Persona 3 Portable guide ), in the Reload version you may not feel the need to alternate the fighters to send in first place so often line, however by doing so you risk not being able to exploit the bosses’ weaknesses to your advantage.
While exploring Tartarus, remember to activate the teleporters (usually positioned on the right) that precede the mini-boss fighters, in this way you can reorganize the titular group and perhaps make some small adjustments to the formation in use. Not only will the members remaining on the bench until then have 100% HP and SP, but their exclusive abilities could prove to be the key to abusing the weaknesses of the enemy around the corner.

Don’t neglect Affinity events

Among the main new features of Persona 3 Reload are the so-called Affinity events , sequences not very different from the events linked to normal Social Links, which however are directly connected to the main plot of the game and cannot be unlocked at any time.Since these enrich the characterization of the supporting characters and can even provide them with very particular bonuses, for example increasing the chances of scoring a critical hit or drastically reducing the cost of the Personae’s abilities, during the long epic of ATLUS you will not want to miss any Affinity events tied to your favorite characters.

To achieve this, all you have to do is constantly read the text messages you receive, indulge your friends who may ask you to go somewhere immediately, check on your dog Koromaru, and so on. On the contrary, if you miss even a single step of a storyline, you will no longer be able to carry it forward.

Fragments and fast travel

Still speaking of new features, the so-called Twilight Fragments have been implemented in Persona 3 Reload , i.e. the keys necessary to open the rarest chests in Tartarus. While some of them can be obtained by simply talking to Elizabeth or exploring the endless dungeon, still others have been hidden in specific locations in the city and generally give off a blue glow.With good reason, we strongly advise you to scrupulously search the school attended by the protagonist and the other locations of Tatsumi Port Island, in this way you shouldn’t struggle much to recover the 17 Fragments of Twilight hidden in the city.
As convenient as it may be, constantly using fast travel will prevent you from catching details and objects hidden in various places. Also remember that visiting a certain place triggers phone calls and other events that, by continuously teleporting from one end of Tatsumi Port Island to the other, you would risk missing. Ultimately, taking it easy and walking even just every now and then through the corridors of Gekkoukan High School would only be good for the collection of objects and the relationships between the various supporting characters.

Select the difficulty level

Persona 3 Reload’s difficulty selector includes five different challenge levels , and although it is possible to change it at any time, in order to adapt the experience to your preferences/needs, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First of all, the highest challenge level can only be selected at the beginning of the adventure, and once abandoned it cannot be reset unless starting a new adventure. Therefore, if you intend to tackle Persona 3 Reload at maximum difficulty, be ready for what awaits you, or perhaps wait to unlock the New Game+ before attempting the feat.If the Normal level is an excellent starting point for those who will approach Persona 3 for the first time , it should be noted that the lowest challenge level instead provides a series of options that greatly simplify the adventure, such as a mechanical which automatically revives comrades fallen in battle. In conclusion, choose the challenge rate carefully and if it doesn’t satisfy you, don’t hesitate to change it accordingly.

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