Palworld updates on PC and fixes a big bug: Xbox players have to wait

Palworld has been updated in PC (Steam) version and a big bug has been fixed. Xbox players instead have to wait their turn for the patch.

Palworld updates on PC and fixes a big bug: Xbox players have to wait

Pocket Pair has released Palworld update v0.2.2.0 which introduces some fixes. The update is available for the Steam version of the game, while for the Xbox version you will have to wait a little longer.

First of all, an issue has been fixed that causes the damage dealt by Pals to be half of the correct one. Obviously it’s a major mistake and Palworld players will be happy that their creatures aren’t weakened by the bug.

Additionally, hit detection in the final parts of the Nightmare Ray and Nightmare Bloom attacks has been fixed. The Palworld patch note goes on to explain that the shaking of sleeping Pals in Pal beds has been reduced. It is also indicated that it is now possible to close the character editing screen with the ESC key from the “antique dresser”. Finally, various unspecified minor bugs have been fixed.

Palworld, the next news

Among the next new features arriving in Palworld is the Arena mode . In a recent trailer it was indicated that it was scheduled for summer, but in reality this was inaccurate information.

Pocket Pair has revealed that the correct release period is a more generic 2024 but that there are new features planned for the summer.