Palmer Luckey: In the future, AI will inevitably kill innocent people

Palmer Luckey: In the future AI will inevitably kill innocent people

Palmer Luckey stated that artificial intelligent systems will inevitably lead to the death of innocent people in future wars. He spoke about this in a recent interview with Bloomberg News. Luckey emphasizes that it is critical to maintain human involvement in processes when AI is used by the military.

There will be people killed by AI who shouldn’t have died. This is inevitable if artificial intelligence becomes a key part of warfare. We need to make sure that people remain accountable because only that will push us towards better decisions and fewer accidental deaths and civilian casualties.

While Luckey acknowledges the potential dangers of AI, he argues that AI can solve existing problems that are more deadly to innocent people today.

Luckey, whose net worth is estimated at $2.3 billion according to Forbes, is one of the modern experts in the field of technological warfare. He previously founded the VR headset company Oculus, but left it after it was sold. Now he heads the Anduril company, which has entered into multibillion-dollar contracts with the US Department of Defense.