Overwatch fans call for a boycott and re-voice of Farah after the actress’s statements about the need to “liberate Palestine from Hamas”

Overwatch fans are calling for Farah’s voice actress to be replaced following comments she made on TikTok and her YouTube stream about the current situation in Israel and Palestine.

In response to comments about “free Palestine” in the chat of one of her streams, Jen Cohn stated:

Yes, liberate Palestine from Hamas.

Cohn, who is Jewish, then expressed a desire for “autonomy” and “security” for Palestinians, but angered some viewers by calling the Israeli campaign in Gaza a “war” and saying that “when both sides can stop fighting, that will be great.”

Some Overwatch fans were outraged by the stance that portrayed recent months of violence as an equal conflict between two equal sides, and saw it as an attempt to whitewash Israel’s actions.

The comments sparked a sharply negative reaction. Cohn has previously spoken out about Israel and Palestine on social media, which likely led to the “Free Palestine” comments on her stream. But while Cohn criticized the use of “from the river to the sea” slogans among “well-meaning youth” at pro-Palestinian protests on Instagram, her comments on the stream drew more attention. Many viewers were outraged by what they saw as false equivalence and the use of confusing language.

Israel has faced widespread condemnation for its Gaza campaign, which has reportedly killed 29,000 Palestinians, two-thirds of them women and children. The International Court of Justice has found it “plausible” that Israel’s actions could amount to genocide.

Elsewhere in the stream, Cohn noted, “This doesn’t really sound like ‘Overwatch values,'” in response to the comment, “Free Palestine [flag] > new Farah voice actor.” This also caused anger. Cohn noted in PCG comments that her remark was intended to “call for a replacement in my role” rather than support for Palestine.

But to angry fans, Cohn’s statements sound less like a call for peace and more like an attempt to disguise a one-sided campaign of violence.

Other popular tweets called for Blizzard to re-voice Farah, accusing Kon of spreading “Zionist propaganda” and ignoring Arab suffering by voicing a character of Arab descent.

A petition calling for Farah’s voice actress to be replaced has received more than 4,300 signatures.