New demo version of Road to Vostok is now available

Road to Vostok, despite its similarities to dark survival and extraction shooters such as Escape From Tarkov, Day Z and Stalker, manages to stand out from its competitors. And now you can try the second demo version, which was released on Steam for free.

The solo developer previously revealed that he had completed the process of porting the game from the Unity engine to Godot, and now he wants to see what players think of Road to Vostok’s fundamental design.

In the second demo, we can see some of the elements that will be included in the final game, such as collecting supplies, trading with a merchant, modifying weapons, and navigating a section of wasteland in the setting – a dangerous post-apocalyptic border zone between Finland and Russia. The developer previously explained that the goal of Road to Vostok will be to fight and collect supplies across a series of wasteland maps before heading through the dangerous border crossings into the East – a permanent death zone where defeat means losing everything collected up to that point.

The developer calls the launch of the new demo the “second major milestone” in Road to Vostok’s development and says it represents an early “vertical slice” showing off some of its goals.

It is not yet known when he plans to release the final game or launch it into early access, but you can download a demo or add the game to the list here .