Minecraft players are excited about the new Wind Charges that let you jump high into the air

Minecraft update 1.21 is expected by mid-2024. And to ensure everything is ready for release, players can already try out many new features and items, including Wind Charges.

This loot drops from Breezes, new enemies. As players have discovered, these charges are not only extremely useful, but also fun to use.

Fan @DRAXOMOSPHERE demonstrated in a number of videos what these charges are capable of. The first shows how easily and quickly they allow you to climb tall buildings. In another, the hero jumps from a great height and uses charges to land unharmed.

There’s not even any fall damage when used! It’s amazing.

It turned out that you don’t even need height – the charges allow you to soar straight up 30 blocks on a smooth surface, as @CagilMartin demonstrated.

But @CraftyMasterman, apparently, tried to fly into space by building a tower of Wind Charges.

As Mojang explains on the official Minecraft website , players can also fire projectiles at enemies, dealing damage and knocking back opponents.

Last October, Minecraft became the first game in history to reach 300+ million in sales. The popularity of the sandbox is growing; spin-offs like Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Legends have even appeared on its basis. And by 2025, a full-length blockbuster based on the film with the participation of Jason Momoa and Jack Black is planned to be released.