Media: MacBook sales in Russia increased by more than 20%

From a report by a partner company of several electronics manufacturers, Izvestia learned that Apple remained one of the leaders in the Russian laptop market. In 2023, the company’s share increased by 1 percentage point, to 6%.

Sales of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, according to media reports, increased in units by more than 20%. This information was confirmed by an Izvestif source close to one of the electronics importers.

Representatives of M.Video-Eldorado said that Apple retained its position in the sale of laptops. MTS says that the company’s share has increased due to the establishment of supply chains, which has increased competition and reduced prices.

Apple is not the only vendor that has left the Russian Federation, whose supplies of equipment through parallel import to the Russian Federation are growing. For example, in 2023, laptop sales of Taiwanese Asus grew by 21%, and its share increased from 13% in 2022 to 14%. This is the second place in the Russian Federation for this indicator.