Media: In May, Redfall was supposed to receive a patch with an offline mode, DLC was planned for the fall

Media: In May Redfall was supposed to receive a patch with an offline mode DLC was planned for the fall

This week it became known that Microsoft is closing four Bethesda studios, including Arkane Austin. At the same time, it was announced that support for Redfall would be discontinued and planned additions would be cancelled.

Sources told IGN that Harvey Smith’s team was actively working on patches and new content for Redfall , but these plans were discarded as soon as the team’s closure became known.

For example, Hero Pass content with two new heroes was planned to be released this fall around Halloween. If the plan had gone through, it would have meant that Deluxe Edition buyers had to wait a year and a half for content after release.

In addition, in May 2024, Arkane Austin was going to release a patch for Redfall , which was supposed to untie the cooperative shooter from constant online play. This idea will also not come to fruition, which raises concerns among fans about a potential server shutdown, although Bethesda itself promises not to do this.

Previously, Arkane Austin announced that owners of the Bite Back Edition or buyers of the Bite Back upgrade will receive money back equivalent to the cost of the DLC Hero Pass. Exact information will appear later.

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