Mecha Break added a battle royale mode and gave it a try at GDC 2024

Apparently Mecha Break will not be one of those multiplayer titles that can be mastered in a couple of hours of play.

At GDC 2024, Mecha Break was available for testing in a single-map 6v6 tournament where you have to capture keys and load them onto terminals. Players could then immediately try out the recently announced 60-player battle royale mode, Mashmak.

At the time of the alpha version at the beginning of the year, Mashmak was not yet available, so GDC 2024 participants became the first testers outside the team. As they write in the preview , the multi-level combat system with a variety of choices and customization has become a favorite of gamers, especially given the opportunity to experiment and try to find the right meta.

Battle Royale generally works the same as everywhere else, but has a lighter atmosphere. You can come here just to chat with friends and look at the juicy picture.

At GDC 2024, two mechs were given: Panther and Falcon. There are seven of them in total in the game. Most of them fit into specific roles that can determine how effective the team composition is. For example, Tricera is a defender, the backbone of the team thanks to shields and missiles. Luminae is a support unit with a healer ability, although one of the winning teams in the tournament decided to ditch it entirely to focus on attack. Some teams had two experienced veterans who helped their teammates get comfortable.

Panther is a fighter class that tries to balance offense and defense, but speed is its weak point. While he can activate a shield to temporarily protect himself from enemy fire, or crash into a nearby unit to finish them off, rushing into a firefight is a suicidal decision due to the lower speed and limited durability of the shield. And if you equip him with a spear, then he becomes more of a burden, since he does not have time to get closer to the enemies.

Falcon is the complete opposite. Its flexible design is geared towards aerial combat, making it easier to avoid conflicts by shooting enemies from afar. However, it is much easier for heavy melee units to take advantage if he gets too close.

If you’d like to try Mecha Break for yourself, the studio is accepting applications for the closed beta on PC. Registration is open here .

Mecha Break will be released on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.